Sponsored Projects

Sl. No. Project Title PI Co-PI Amount Agency Status
1. Development of surface modified adsorbent for removal of Fe(III) and Cr(VI) from wastewater


Prof. M.A. Zaman NIL 10,00,000/- AICTE Completed
2. Development of tailored metal-oxide nanostructures for the removal of As(III) and Fe(III) from water bodies


Prof. M.A. Zaman NIL 4,71,000/- NIT Silchar (STIS) Completed
3. Solvent-free oxidations and brominations of organic substrates catalyzed and/ or promoted by peroxo-metal complexes


Prof S S Dhar NIL 8,52,000/- SERB, DST Completed
4. Effect of metal doped TiO₂ on photoanode and lead free organic-inorganic metal halide perovskite on photovol-taic performance of perovskite solar cell: experimental and theoretical approach


Dr S K Tripathy Prof S S Dhar 42,38,585/- SERB, DST Completed
5. Nanostructured Metal Oxides Immobilized Ionic Liquids as Green Catalysts for Selective Organic Transformations


Prof S S Dhar Dr A Chowdhury 28,64,430/- SERB, DST Completed
6. Metal complexes of new chiral Schiff bases: Design, structure, elucidation, reactivity and synthetic applications.


Prof. Pranjit Barman NIL 36,00,448/- DST Completed
7. Synthesis of noble platinum-acridine antitumor compounds and their biological evaluation.


Prof. Pranjit Barman NIL 4,83,000/- STIS, NIT Silchar Completed
8. Investigation and remedial measures of greenhouse gas emission in HOT mix plan.


Prof. Pranjit Barman NIL 4,95,000/- STIS, NIT Silchar Completed
9. Studies of Co-operative Assistance to Nucleophilic Substitution reaction at Disulfide bridge.


Prof. Pranjit Barman NIL 10,00,000/- AICTE Completed
10. “Sustainable Energy Systems for Achieving Novel Carbon Neutral Energy Communities “SUSTENANCE””, DST-European Union (EU) under Mission Innovation(MI), HORIZON 2020, July 2021; Role-PI, Grant Amount – 1504.4 Lakhs, Status: Ongoing


Dr. Asharani M. A. Prof. Pranjit Barman 1504.4 Lakhs DST(Indo-EURO) Ongoing
11. Synthesis of


Grant No. SB/FT/CS-103/2013


Dr. Rokhum NIL 16,50,000/- DST-SERB Completed


12. Towards the synthesis of bio- active molecules using solid phase organic synthesis (SPOS) pathways

Grant No. SB/EMEQ-076/2014




32,16,000/- Completed


13. Development of Nano-structured Materials for Energy Production and Environmental Remediation


- Dr. Rokhum DST-FIST 151,00,000/- Ongoing
14. Defect-engineered Acid-Functionalized Monolithic Metal-Organic Frameworks as a Heterogeneous Catalyst for Biodiesel Production

Grant No. 01/3099/23/EMR-II


Dr. Rokhum NIL CSIR 20,52,000/- Ongoing
15. Engineered superhydrophobic biomass-derived organocatalysts for biodiesel production: Process optimization using response surface methodology, kinetic studies and cost-analysis

Grant No. EEQ/2023/000336


Dr. Rokhum NIL DST-SERB 54,62,000/- Ongoing
16. Spectrofluorimitric investigation of representative nitrogen heterocyclic drugs and their interaction with DNA-nucleotides


Dr. N. S. Moyon NIL DST-SERB 33.09 Lakhs Completed